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Roof Valley Repairs Melbourne

When you need a professional to repair your roof valleys in Melbourne, you can trust our roofing valley specialists to provide unbeatable service.
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Roof Valley Services Melbourne

Roofers Melbourne (200)A functioning and water-tight roof valley is vital to directing rainwater off your roof and joining interconnecting slopes of roofs together. We provide a free quote for inspecting roofing valleys in Melbourne.

There are three main roof valleys: woven roof valley, closed roof valley and open roof valley.

A woven roof valley is when the metal or tiles are woven and overlapped over the valley, creating a sloped effect that directs the water. Once installed, it creates a blended and seamless effect to the rest of the roof. The issue with these valleys is getting an inverted peak centre the whole run down the valley and can lead to water spilling out.

A closed roof valley is a valley that has the slope inset into it but is covered over by the rest of the roofing tiles, which in turn hides it. This is another great method for hiding the roof valley, but it makes it difficult to spot any problems earlier as it is hidden and requires careful inspection during maintenance.

An open-roof valley is the most common valley on houses in Melbourne. It is always visible and generally fitted using an overlapped flashing. The flashing is commonly lead, stainless steel, copper, aluminium or similar.

Regardless of the type of roof valley, it plays a critical role in diverting water from your roof and into your gutter system, keeping water out of your home. However, many homeowners do not realise the necessity of roof valleys for their roof and gutter systems. They may neglect them—even if they are on top of their other regular roof and gutter maintenance tasks.

Other options we provide in Melbourne includes roof repairs, weatherboarding replacements and more.

We provide a free quote for inspecting roofing valleys, valley repair service, or new roof valley installation in Melbourne. Call our team on 0431 908 982 to book a free visit today.



Verified Review
So quick and impressive
28 March 2024
Within 24 hours, i had an on-site booked and site visit done. So quick and impressive. Great advice on my options to fix my roof and no fuss. Would recommend...Within 24 hours, i had an on-site booked and site visit done. So quick and impressive. Great advice on my options to fix my roof and no fuss. Would recommend as the first company to call with any roofing matter!
Aiden Markram
Verified Review
Roof Leak
24 February 2024
Had a leaky roof and called Approved Roofers, they came out fast and fixed it up. Fast service, very professional and very good job!
Corey C
Verified Review
Roof Repairs
15 February 2024
Thanks to the Approved Roofing team for fixing my leaky roof. In the midst of a storm we experienced water ingress from our roof and they helped us right away!
Amanda Murphy
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