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Roof Restoration Specialists in Melbourne

Get a free quote in Melbourne for restoring your roof from the experts at Approved Roofing.
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Is your roof in need of a restoration in Melbourne? Are the roof tiles starting to look worn down? Is it looking dirty, or has moss started to build up on your roof? Why not call our roof restoration specialists for a free quote?

Regular roofing maintenance is vital to the long-term longevity of any roofing system. Keeping moss and algae off the roof ensures water can freely run off into a guttering system, which can safely and quickly remove the water.

Too often, people let the moss build-up, leading to damp spots on their roofs and blocked gutters. This occurs when the moss slips off the tiles and blocks the gutter system.

We provide a fast and affordable roof cleaning service that will remove all the moss and algae buildup on the roof, ensuring it functions correctly. We will also blow out the gutters and downpipes to ensure water can run freely through the system.

The options for cleaning your roof include steam cleaning, pressure cleaning and soft washing. Depending on the type of roof tile, we might recommend one option over another.

Roof Tile Painting

If your roof tiles have faded from the sun or lost their colour, we offer a roof tile painting service that can completely transform the overall appearance of any home in Melbourne.

Our roof tile painting services include impregnating the tiles, which will help prevent further sun damage and extend the lifespan of any roofing system.

During the work, if we do find an issue with the roof, we offer a comprehensive service for roof repairs and fixing roof leaks as well.

If you want to know more or want a free quote, call our roofing restoration specialists in Melbourne on 0431 908 982. We would love to hear from you.


Verified Review
So quick and impressive
28 March 2024
Within 24 hours, i had an on-site booked and site visit done. So quick and impressive. Great advice on my options to fix my roof and no fuss. Would recommend...Within 24 hours, i had an on-site booked and site visit done. So quick and impressive. Great advice on my options to fix my roof and no fuss. Would recommend as the first company to call with any roofing matter!
Aiden Markram
Verified Review
Roof Leak
24 February 2024
Had a leaky roof and called Approved Roofers, they came out fast and fixed it up. Fast service, very professional and very good job!
Corey C
Verified Review
Roof Repairs
15 February 2024
Thanks to the Approved Roofing team for fixing my leaky roof. In the midst of a storm we experienced water ingress from our roof and they helped us right away!
Amanda Murphy
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